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The World Culinary Arts Digital Media Project: Savoring the Best of World Flavors, winner of two James Beard Awards and a Telly Award, brings leading-edge, interactive video delivery to the challenge of exploring the best in food and cooking around the world—and sharing this information with millions of foodservice professionals, food enthusiasts, culinary students, and food media.

Whether it is the art of couscous in North Africa, balancing flavors in the Thai kitchen, mastering spice traditions in India, techniques for roasting and using chiles in Oaxaca, variations of paella in Spain, cheese-making in Sicily, or the secrets of Peruvian ceviche, The World Culinary Arts Digital Media Project: Savoring the Best of World Flavors seeks out the gold standards of selected elements of world culinary traditions. We explain relevant techniques, flavor dynamics, and cultural contexts, capture them on interactive video and digital still photography, and add them to a growing online library that effectively preserves these traditions for our industry and future generations of chefs, food writers and culinary enthusiasts.

At the core of The World Culinary Arts Digital Media Project is a focus on and multi-layered examination of selected iconic recipes, flavors, and ingredients of a given country—recipes that when well understood provide a window into the whole of that country’s food culture.

Started in 2004, this Digital Media initiative is an outgrowth of the entire family of world flavor programs from The Culinary Institute of America, including the college’s flagship Worlds of Flavors International Conference & Festival.

The World Culinary Arts program is made possible by the generous support of Unilever Food Solutions.