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CIA Digital Media programs reach a vast, highly targeted Network of online Food Professionals.

The CIA Digital Media team has had the privilege to create content with some of the greatest brands and talent in the food world. We’ve won multiple James Beard Awards and other industry awards for our work in food content. We’ve worked with an incredible cast of chefs and food experts from around the world. And because we’re The Culinary Institute of America, we’ve been the leader in food education for over 60 years.

At the CIA, we speak food. We know how to communicate about food in ways that most agencies, production companies and consultants can’t even understand. Food is more than just our profession, it’s our passion.

Unlike other agencies and production companies, we distribute and deliver your new videos to our own digital network. We promote this new content, via our websites and social media, to reach our targeted audience of food professionals.

Our Social Media channels connect your products with more than 500,000 food professionals.

The CIA Digital Media group combines the expertise of the world’s most respected culinary college with the creative capabilities of an award-winning production company. Our mission is to create innovative and informative food content that engages our followers and positions our clients for success.

Take a look at our capabilities, and contact John Barkley to learn more!


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