• About Baking and Pastry Excellence

    Whether it is the art of patisserie in France, baking savory flatbreads in a Turkish hearth, mastering chocolate sculpture in Spain, techniques for the perfect pizza crust in Italy, or the secrets of steaming Chinese bao, Baking and Pastry Excellence seeks out the world’s best bread bakers, chocolatiers, and pastry chefs. Through these experts we explain the relevant techniques, flavor dynamics, and cultural contexts, capturing them on interactive video and digital still photography, and adding them to a growing online library that effectively preserves these traditions for our industry and future generations of bakers, pastry chefs, cooks, food writers and culinary enthusiasts.

    At the core of Baking and Pastry Excellence is a focus on and multi-layered examination of selected iconic recipes, flavors, and ingredients of a given country—recipes that when well understood provide a window into the whole of that country’s food culture.

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