• Potato Renaissance: A Type for Every Need

    America's potato growers are constantly working to bring new specialty potato types to market. And that's good news for you and your menu. From brown and gold to red, white and blue, today's potatoes come in more colors, shapes, sizes and flavor profiles than ever. Easy to store and handle, they're one of the most versatile, popular, and high-margin staples you can menu.

    Russet potato


    This is the most widely used potato type in the United States. A large majority are grown in the Northwest. They are available year-round. These potatoes are high in starch and are characterized by netted brown skin and white flesh. Russets are light and fluffy when cooked, making them ideal for baking and mashing. They are also wonderful for frying and roasting.

    Yellow potato


    These potatoes are increasingly popular in the United States and are now available for most of the year. These potatoes have a dense, creamy texture. With their golden color, you can be fooled into thinking that they are buttered. They are great for roasting, baking, boiling and steaming.

    Red potato


    These potatoes have become more widely available and can now be found almost all year round. They are characterized by their rosy red skin, but can have white, yellow or even red flesh. Red potatoes have a firm, smooth and moist texture, making them well suited for salads, roasting, boiling and steaming. Round reds are often referred to as "new potatoes"; however, technically, "new" refers to any type of potato that is harvested before reaching maturity.

    Blue potato

    Blue and Purple

    These potatoes originated in South America and have begun to gain popularity in the United States. Blue and purple potatoes are most available in the fall. These relatively uncommon tubers have a subtle nutty flavor and flesh that ranges in hue from dark blue or lavender to white. Microwaving preserves the color the best, but steaming and baking are also favorable methods of preparation.

    Specialty potatoes

    Specialty Potato Types

    Specialty potatoes types (blue/purple, fingerling and petites) add even more options and possibilities to the menu. They’re smaller than traditional potatoes and have thin, delicate skins, which means no peeling and faster cooking. Their vibrant colors—inside and out—along with unique shapes help you add a little unexpected “wow” to salads and sides.

    Fingerling potato


    Firm, waxy and flavorful, these small, slender potatoes are finger-sized (2–4 inches in length) and come in different shapes. Varieties are grown in every color — red, gold, yellow and purple — with flavors that run the same gamut as their larger cousins. Mix and match fingerlings with other baby vegetables or use to compose small plates, unique sides and salads.

    White potato


    Grown and used most often in the Eastern United States, these potatoes are available year-round. Round and long whites are medium in starch level and have smooth, light tan skin with white flesh. They are creamy in texture and hold their shape well after cooking. Regarded as an all-purpose potato, the ultra-versatile round white can be used in most potato preparations.