• Watermelon Ice Pop


    Watermelon-Raspberry Concentrate

    6-8 portions

    • Ingredients
    • Raspberries, fresh or frozen
      ½ cup
    • Watermelon, red seedless, cut into 1" cubes
      5 cups
    • Sea salt
      ¼ tsp.
    • Sugar
      1⁄3 cup
    • Lime juice, freshly squeezed
      2 Tbsp.
    • Ginger, minced
      2 Tbsp.
    • Cayenne
      ½ tsp.

    Drink (optional)

    6-8 portions

    • Ingredients
    • Watermelon-Raspberry Concentrate (see above)
      1 cup
    • Naturally flavored watermelon sparkling water or lemon tonic water, chilled
      1⁄3 cup


    For the Watermelon-Raspberry Concentrate:

    1. Place all ingredients into blender and process until creamy. If you're also making drinks, double the ingredients and set aside ½ of the concentrate.
    2. To make the ice pops, transfer remaining mixture into popsicle molds then insert frozen treat stick into the center. For best results, freeze the ice pops overnight.

    For the drink:

    1. Combine 1 cup of the Watermelon-Raspberry Concentrate with sparking water. Stir well. Portion into shallow rocks glasses, then place an ice pop in the glass and serve. Alternately, you can serve the ice pops on the side.
     Note: Serve these ice pops as refreshing treats or make them smaller and serve as garnishes for drinks (with or without alcohol). For a quick cooler, double the watermelon mixture recipe and serve with watermelon infused sparkling water. It's a refreshing treat, with the ice pop resting against a shallow, wide mouth glass filled with brilliant red watermelon juice and perhaps an ounce of vodka!