• Shaker-Salad

  • Orange Chicken Shaker Salad by Chef Garrett Berdan


    Yield: 50 servings

    • Ingredients
    • Chicken, unseasoned strips, cooked, frozen, thawed 
      7 pounds, 13 ounces
    • Kikkoman Preservative-Free Orange Sauce 
      5 ¼ cups
    • Kikkoman Rice Vinegar, unseasoned
      1 cup
    • Rice, brown or a whole grain blend, cooked and chilled
      3 gallons, 2 cups
    • Edamame, thawed
      4 pounds, 12 ounces (3 quarts ½ cup)
    • Carrots, raw, grated
      2 pounds, 9 ounces (3 quarts ½ cup)
    • Cucumber, raw, diced
      9 pounds, 4 ounces (1 ½ gallons 1 cup)
    • Mandarin oranges, drained 
      5 pounds, 14 ounces (3 quarts ½ cup)


    1. Dice the thawed unseasoned chicken strips into ¾ inch cubes.
    2. Hold chilled at 41°F or below until ready to assemble salads.
    3. In a 2-quart liquid measuring container, combine the Kikkoman Preservative-Free Orange Sauce and the Kikkoman Rice Vinegar. Whisk until well combined. Pour 1 ounce of this dressing into portion cups and top each cup with a lid. Set dressing cups aside.
    4. To assemble salads, set out 50 16-ounce clear beverage cups (compatible with a flat insert and solid domed lid). In each cup place 1 cup cooked and chilled rice, ¼ cup edamame, ¼ cup grated carrots, 2.5 ounces diced chicken, ½ cup diced cucumber and ¼ cup mandarin orange segments. Place a flat lid over the top of the salad. Place a portion container of dressing on top of the flat insert, and cover with a domed lid.
    5. Hold chilled at 41°F or below.
    6. To mix the salad, remove the domed lid, dressing container and flat insert. Pour the dressing into the cup and place the domed lid securely on top. Shake the salad until the contents are well dressed.