• Roasted Mushroom Katsu


    Portabella Mushrooms

    Yield: 12 Portions

    • Ingredients
    • Portabella mushrooms, stemmed, gilled, seasoned, roasted
      6 ea.
    • Peanut – sesame oil blend (for seasoning) 3 parts:1 part
      as needed

    King Trumpet Mushrooms

    • Ingredients
    • Peanut – sesame oil blend
      as needed
    • Butter
      2 Tbsp.
    • Garlic cloves, smashed
      2 ea.
    • Ginger, ¼” rounds, smashed
      3 ea.
    • King Trumpet Mushrooms
      12 ea.

    Katsu Breading

    • Ingredients
    • Kikkoman Tempura Mix®
      2 cups
    • Water, iced
      2 cups
    • Kikkoman Panko®
      4 cups
    • Peanut oil for frying
      as needed


    • Ingredients
    • Savoy cabbage, small, super fine shred
      1 head


    • Ingredients
    • Kikkoman Katsu Sauce®
      as needed
    • Kikkoman Rice Vinegar®
      2 Tbsp.
    • Carrots, shredded
      2 Tbsp.
    • Green onions, minced
      2 Tbsp.


    For the Portabello Mushrooms:

    1. Preheat a 400° F oven.
    2. Snap off the mushroom stems and run a small spoon across the underside to remove the gills, taking care not to break the rim of the mushroom.
    3. Trim approximately ¼” of the stem end-off the trumpets.
    4. Toss the mushrooms in oil blend to coat and season with salt and pepper. Roast in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until caramelized and soft.

    For the King Trumpet Mushrooms:

    1. Heat a saute pan over medium heat and add the oil blend with a little butter. Add smashed garlic and ginger and infuse the flavors for a few seconds. Now add the mushrooms, cut side down and sear until golden brown. Flip and cook on other side for a minute or two to finish.

    For the Breading:

    1. Prepare tempura batter using the tempura mix and iced water according to the package instructions. Fill a 2” deep ½ hotel pan with panko.
    2. Dip the mushrooms in tempura batter and dredge in panko. Pressing lightly to ensure the panko sticks to tempura batter.
    3. Arrange on a parchment lined sheet pan and refrigerate until ready to fry.

    For the Cabbage:

    1. Cut cabbage head in quarters and cut into strips as thinly as possible.
    2. Put cabbage in a container with a snap on lid, fill with iced water, and refrigerate.

    To Plate:

    1. Fry a portabella cap until golden brown, and remove from the oil.
    2. Cut the portabello cap into strips and fan out on a plate. Arrange the trumpet mushrooms next to the portabella to look like a sliced bread and two drumsticks.
    3. Serve with rice and garnish with a pinch of cabbage, carrots and green onions and drizzle with rice vinegar to season. Garnish the rice with the sauteed garlic and ginger from the King Trumpet Mushroom pan.
    4. Drizzle katsu sauce over the mushrooms and fill a cup with katsu sauce for dipping