Worlds of Healthy Flavors 2015

Napa Valley, CA

2015 Worlds of Healthy Flavors Program Summary

The eleventh annual Worlds of Healthy Flavors leadership retreat, held January 21-23, 2015, focused on addressing some of the major nutrition and health issues affecting public health in the United States and ways volume foodservice operators can address these issues. Presentations from the conference are available for you to download at the bottom of the page.

The 2015 program focused heavily on strategic calorie design, or how volume foodservice professionals can create lower calorie food and beverage offerings that  deliver great taste and optimal nutrition. Guest chefs were paired with registered dietitian nutritionists to show how the expertise of chefs working in collaboration with nutrition colleagues can create flavorful, appealing, lower calorie concepts for American menus.

The 2015 program also featured a panel of nutrition experts who shared guidance on the role of sweeteners, including low-calorie sweeteners, in American foodservice operations.

A special “Produce First” session, co-presented by Produce Business magazine, was devoted to strategic sourcing of produce. This session included an audience survey to determine how operators are currently thinking about produce sourcing, and what additional information and resources they may need to enhance relationships with produce grower/shippers as well as distributors.

The final keynote session focused on consumer insights and the positive ROI of “better-for-you” food and beverage offerings for the packaged consumer goods and restaurant industries.




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