reThink Food

Napa Valley, CA


The theme for the third annual reThink Food Conference (held November 4-6, 2016) explored key tensions innervating the worlds of food, technology, behavior, and design. The content of the 2016 program was driven by these tensions, which included the tension between old and new; novel and familiar; tradition and innovation in food, tech, behavior and design. Presentations from the conference are available to download at the bottom of the page.

Renowned speakers brought to life issues central to these tensions, including advancements in nutrition informatics, robotics, data transparency, supply chain optimization, and sustainable food innovations. Together we discussed several questions central to the conference theme:

  • Are high-tech fixes the best options for current food systems challenges?
  • What opportunities are there in the space between high tech and low tech?
  • Are we in a new “era of limits,” and if so — how do we present restraint as abundance?
  • How can we make limits palatable to consumers and feasible for businesses?
  • How can food design, behavior, and technology build “culinary literacy” and reconnect us to living foods?
  • How does fast versus slow affect our food values and experiences?
  • How do we help consumers and businesses keep up with the pace of innovation in food?

Find the 2016 reThink Food YouTube playlist here, or click on the video player below to watch all general sessions and seminars held on the Ventura stage during the 2016 conference.

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