reThink Food

Program Summary

reThink Food brings together a diverse group of thought leaders and innovators at the intersection of technology, behavior, design, and food. Our mission: to explore how areas such as big data, social networking, mobile computing, behavioral economics, marketing, neuroscience, agriculture, and culinary insight and strategy are radically changing food markets, systems, and our understanding of consumer choices.

We are designing our future.

A major revolution in food is underway, one powered by information technology and simultaneously shaped by our sometimes conflicted attitudes towards technology in general. Driven by consumers in concert with innovative food industry leaders, visionary chefs, growers, entrepreneurs, scholars, scientists, behavioral economists, and designers—this accelerating movement of ideas aims to create a business landscape in which healthy, sustainable, higher quality, and more engaging food experiences can thrive.

At the center of this revolution is the innovator: In today’s ever accelerating markets, there is often little time for a new company or product to get traction before consumers and investors decide to move on to the next big idea. Correctly reading shifts in food cultures and behaviors, designing brilliant but nimble business models and strategies, and developing deep, value-based connections with consumers are essential traits of successful innovators today.


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