• Chicken Confit with Spanish Olive Oil (Pollo Comfitado en Aceite de Oliva)


    • Ingredients
    • Chicken, whole, cut in 8 pieces
      Or 8 each drumstick
      1 ea.
    • Salt
      as needed
    • Ground black pepper
      as needed
    • Spanish olive oil
      as needed
    • Bay leaf leaves
      1-2 ea.
    • Rosemary sprig
      1 ea.
    • Whole black pepper
      as needed
    • Garlic cloves
      12 ea.
    • Carrots, peeled, cut on bias
      2 ea.
    • Orange, peel of
      ½ ea.


    1. Cut chicken into legs, thighs, breast, wings, leaving bones in all pieces. Trim any excess of fat.
    2. Set the oven at 160 to 170°F and prepare a large enough baking dish to fit the chicken cover it with olive oil.
    3. Meanwhile salt and pepper the chicken and place a sauté pan on the heat with a drizzle of olive oil, brown the chicken and set it on the deep baking dish and cover it with olive oil add the bay leaf, rosemary, whole black pepper, garlic, carrots, and orange peel. Cook for 3 hours to confit it properly.
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