• From The Ground Up: Grown Responsibly, Picked Ripe

    NatureSweet produces its vine-ripe tomatoes all year in state-of-the-art greenhouses. After harvest, innovative packaging pampers these tomatoes all the way to your kitchen so that you have perfect produce for snacking or cooking. If ever a tomato led a privileged life, it’s a NatureSweet tomato.

    Rewind to the beginning, the origin of every NatureSweet tomato: the seeds that hold all the growing instructions. The company developed its proprietary seeds via traditional plant breeding, not through genetic modification. Chosen for their ability to produce tomatoes with consistently superior flavor, the seeds germinate in sanitary conditions that prevent disease. From day one, the seedlings are nourished by plentiful sunlight, soil and nutrients and pure water from the company’s own deep wells. This closed ecosystem allows for easier monitoring and minimizes disease pressure and insect pests. Brightly colored sticky traps in the greenhouses lure pests, providing a natural method of control.

    Many growers pick tomatoes green and gas them with ethylene to induce color change. At NatureSweet, the crew harvests only fully ripe tomatoes, guided by color, fragrance, firmness and weight. The fruits are nestled in resealable, rinse-ready packages, then expedited to markets everywhere.

    Take them home and store them at room temperature, in an open container, away from directly sunlight. Tomatoes dislike refrigeration. Temperatures below 50°F destroy the natural sugars and mute the aroma and flavor. Thanks to NatureSweet, tomatoes with garden-grown taste can enhance your salads, sandwiches, soups and sauces 365 days a year.

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    If Americans are going to add something to a raw tomato, it’s more than likely to be salt. A small majority (53%) mention salt as their preferred addition to raw tomatoes; the next closest condiments are pepper (23%) and olive oil (20%).

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