• Trending Tomatoes: Fresh Flavors and New Recipes

    Of course tomatoes make green salads sparkle. But these juicy hand-to-mouth snacks have much more to say. If you like the convenience and flavor of bite-size tomatoes, why not take them beyond leafy greens? On the following pages, these petite produce divas get breakout roles in all types of dishes, from a farro salad with a Middle Eastern accent to quesadillas.

    As you’ll learn from these videos and recipes, different tomatoes have different talents. NatureSweet Cherubs and SunBursts shine in cold preparations, like pasta salad. NatureSweet Glorys love to be cooked—on top of focaccia, for example—or slow-roasted for Tomato Tapenade. Jubilees, small red slicers, are ideally sized for sandwiches so you won’t waste an ounce.

    Long a summer-only treat, fresh vine-ripe tomatoes can now enhance your meals all year thanks to the innovative growing practices perfected by NatureSweet.
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    Americans are nearly twice as likely to describe a tomato as the "fruit of fantastic youth" instead of the "apple of love," a moniker given the tomato by the French.

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