• Fresh Mushrooms Meet Fresh Ideas

    Good cooks know that mushrooms are the "meat" of the produce world—so satisfying and succulent that they can easily stand in for beef. No other members of the plant kingdom have such a concentrated savory taste. And from tiny enoki to huge portabellas, mushrooms deliver flavor with no cholesterol or fat. If you're trying to cook more healthfully—and who isn't these days?—you'll want mushrooms on your menu.

    In this online course, you'll learn two key ways to make mushrooms work for you. With Bart Minor, president of the Mushroom Council, and Culinary Institute of America Chef-instructor Bill Briwa, you'll explore "the blend"—the endless culinary potential in a blend of mushrooms and ground meat. In video demos and CIA-tested recipes, Chef Briwa will introduce you to this blending technique, a creative way to make family meals more healthful. Mushroom swapability goes one step further, with "meaty" recipes that rely on mushrooms alone.

    Dive deep into the course content and explore mushrooms' affinity for world cuisines. You'll discover how mushrooms of many kinds can enhance recipes from Mexico, Italy and beyond, making your everyday cooking more healthful and economical. You'll also learn how mushroom farmers grow these remarkable fungi, and how to select, clean and store mushrooms for optimal flavor and freshness. You may not realize that mushrooms have a nutritional report card to boast about, but you'll find that good news here, too.

  • Mushroom Fact

    Finely chopped mushrooms look similar and blend seamlessly with meat, so classics can be healthier without losing taste or satisfying texture.

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