• The Professional Chef Discovers Maine Lobster

    Maine lobster has consistently held a prestigious place in global restaurant kitchens. Its sweet flavor is unmatched by any other shellfish and is preferred by chefs and restaurateurs for its sweet flavor and menu appeal.

    Once served primarily in dockside restaurants in the Northeast U.S., it now is shipped to foodservice operations around the world. In addition to cooking whole, live lobsters, chefs have discovered its high quality, value-added forms such as fresh and frozen tails, claws, lobster meat and ready-to-cook items.

    While Maine’s lobster fishery is certified as sustainable by several global sustainability organizations, it is the industry’s own conservation steps, going back 150 years, that have made it such a reliable fishery. Lobster fishing is a family affair in Maine and the industry’s coastal communities have, from the beginning, understood the importance of a healthy fishery.

    Through our partnership with CIA, you’ll learn everything you need to know to capitalize on Maine lobster’s universal appeal. Its sweet flavor works with your creativity to develop new applications or update classics that have won our lobster fame.

    In this guide, you’ll find:

    You’ll find detailed instructional videos on how to shell a cooked lobster and extract the most meat, how to split a live lobster, how to grill a lobster, and how to prepare a variety of contemporary lobster dishes, demonstrated by chef-instructors from The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. With this information, you’re well on your way to making the versatile, value-added Maine lobster in your kitchen.

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