• Eggs Make the Leap

    Chefs accustomed to limiting egg dishes to breakfast menus are finally getting the message: patrons want eggs all day. Thanks to diner demand, eggs are migrating to dinner, as toppings for pizza, paella, bruschetta, ratatouille, and ramen. “Put an egg on it” is a popular add-on option on today’s most-watched menus.

    For the many Americans who consider themselves “almost vegetarians,” a meatless egg entree appeals in the evening. Asparagus topped with fried or poached eggs…a wild mushroom bread pudding…a Spanish potato and leek tortilla with a side salad….frittata with artichokes and local goat cheese. Creative chefs are finding tantalizing, contemporary ways to bring eggs to the table in the evening.

    Even omnivore customers are choosing dinner-time dishes that pair eggs with current flavors. Steal these ideas:

    • Ramen with pork belly and a poached farm egg
    • Rigatoni alla carbonara with pancetta, egg, pecorino, and black pepper
    • Spanish garlic soup with rock shrimp, egg, and toasted levain
    • Braised lentils with chorizo and a fried egg
    • Basque Piperade: Slow-cooked peppers, tomatoes, onions, and eggs with garlic croutons
    • Thai-style crispy egg and seafood crepe with bean sprouts and Sriracha
    • Pizza with potato, green olives, leeks, and a fried egg
    • Spaghetti with roasted peppers and a fried egg
    • Burger topped with a fried egg

    For today’s diners, the lines between breakfast, lunch, and dinner are blurring. Not only are eggs infiltrating the evening meal, but lunch and dinner dishes are revving up breakfast:

    • The Breakfast Burrito puts an a.m. spin on this hearty Mexican-American lunch. Fill a whole-wheat tortilla with scrambled eggs and fried padrón peppers; or Mexican-style tomato rice and boiled eggs.
    • Try a Breakfast Sandwich: Whole-grain bread with fried eggs, roasted red peppers, and prosciutto. Or focaccia halved and filled with a warm vegetable frittata.
    • Fried rice for breakfast? Give it your own signature with shiitake mushrooms, green onions, and scrambled egg. Or add a Korean accent with tofu, kimchee, and scrambled egg.
    • Offer deviled eggs for breakfast with pumpernickel toast and ‘French Breakfast’ radishes.

    Breakfast for dinner. Dinner for breakfast. And eggs any time.

    Egg Paella

    Featured recipe: Watch Culinary Institute of America chef Scott Samuel prepare Chicken, Chorizo, and Clam Paella with Shirred Eggs, a dish that suits menus from morning to midnight.