• Egg Fiesta

    Latin flavors are mainstream on American tables today—who can’t say “chipotle”?—but our culinary digging often doesn’t go deep. If your customers love huevos rancheros, why not explore Mexico’s other tantalizing egg dishes? Once you familiarize yourself with the traditional recipes, you can create your own riffs. Customers will respond to these Latin-themed offerings from morning to night.

    Rick Bayless, the Mexican food authority, simply alters the accompaniments to take the same egg dish from breakfast through dinner. For a morning meal, he’ll add tropical fruit, tortillas, and coffee. For lunch and beyond, it’s salad, tortillas, and agua fresca or beer.

    A dozen ideas from the Mexican repertoire…plus a few fantasies:

    • Torta (a Mexican sandwich) with scrambled eggs and avocado
    • Torta with sliced boiled egg, avocado and pickled red onion
    • Torta with sliced green-chile frittata
    • Torta with egg salad, butter lettuce, and chipotle mayonnaise
    • Scrambled eggs with chorizo and mushrooms
    • Scrambled eggs with nopales
    • Eggs scrambled with tomato salsa and avocado
    • Scrambled-egg tacos with avocado salsa
    • Machaca: scrambled eggs with shredded beef jerky
    • Corn tortilla topped with a fried egg, salsa, and avocado
    • Tostada topped with black bean puree, a poached egg, and queso cotija
    • Quesadilla with black bean puree and a baked egg