• Digital Media at The Culinary Institute of America:


    • VIDEOS FOR BROADCAST, WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA: Featuring recipes, product demonstrations, techniques, tastings, and much more.
    • RECIPES AND ONLINE LEARNING PROGRAMS: Recipe development, online education and live training created by CIA chefs, adjunct faculty, food experts, journalists and cookbook authors.
    • FOOD STYLING AND PHOTOGRAPHY: For use on your websites, social media or other platforms.
    • EMAIL MARKETING, NEWSLETTERS, AND WEB BLOGS: Specifically about your products, written by food experts, cookbook authors, and knowledgeable CIA faculty.
    • ON-CAMERA TALENT: By CIA chefs, guest chefs, celebrity chefs, or your talent.


    Video content distributed to the CIA’s Digital Media channels:

    • iTunes: “Top Ten” Food Video Podcast Channel on iTunes
    • YouTube: Serialized content distribution and live webcasting to a dedicated food-focused audience. Over 154,000 active subscribers
    • The CIA’s website for professionals optimized for streaming video to all mobile devices
    • Facebook: Live webcasting and streaming videos to hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers.


    • SmartBrief newsletter placements sent to pre-qualified foodservice professionals
    • E-blasts sent to CIA’s targeted list of foodservice professionals
    • Sponsored posts on the CIA’s Facebook page, CIA Twitter channel, and CIA Pinterest board
    • Press release posted to the CIA online media room with distribution to foodservice media