• Sustainability Videos

    The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) has created two new online training videos providing a behind-the-scenes look at Alaska's sustainable fisheries management system. Narrated by ASMI's Technical Director, Randy Rice, these videos offer a comprehensive overview of the unique standards and policies that have led to Alaska being recognized as a world leader in fisheries management. Each video is approximately 11 minutes long and includes vivid Alaska scenery and easy to follow information slides.
    • A guided tour of Alaska's science-based approach to sustainable fisheries management.
    • Learn about the strict standards that Alaska follows, explore the principles and criteria set forth by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, and get a picture of the current industry landscape.
    • And, discover the steps that you can take to implement seafood sustainability into your operation.
    • An up-close look at the tradition of sustainability and its importance in Alaska's fishing communities.
    • Key to sustaining this tradition are Alaska's fisheries management policies and procedures, which protect and enforce this system and ensure that it is both fair and precautionary.
    • Learn about the rules and regulations, the solid basis on science, the ways that different governing bodies collaborate, and the open public participation and methods for enforcing and monitoring.