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Exploring Wine, 3rd Edition

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Exploring Wine, 3rd Edition is The Culinary Institute of America's complete guide to wine of the world. Three of our renowned wine instructors take you on a glorious and grand tour of the wines of the world.

Written for professionals, as well as experienced and beginning wine enthusiasts, this lively guide covers everything you ever wanted to know about the history, culture, romance, science, and business of wine.

Exploring Wine, 2nd Edition demystifies wine as it follows the exciting path from vine to the table as it visits the major and minor wine-producing regions in the Old World and the New World, providing a comprehensive working knowledge of the history, geography, vineyards, producers, and style of wines produced in each region.

This definitive text will:
- Examine the business of wine - purchasing, storing, developing a wine list, and service.
- Explore the process of making wine.
- Discover the major wine-producing regions of the world.
- Teach the most appealing wine and food pairings. 

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