Fernanda Prado

Chef, GelatoscopioFernanda Prado

Chef Fernanda Pardo was born in Mexico City and studied at the Ambrosia Culinary Center. Her career began in Mexican restaurants, including La Leche, inn Puerto Vallarta and others within Mexico City.

In 2010, she went to Barcelona to become a Master of Pastry at Espai Sucre and took the brand back to Mexico where she helped them develop programs. She has demonstrated her skills at various events and has been nominated 4 times for Travel & Leisure’s Gourmet Awards and won the award for “Best Sweet Experience” for Gelatoscopio 2017. She has also been nominated by Food and Travel Magazine for the “Best Sweet Spot of 2018.”

Chef Prado developed and organized multiple sweet cooking events, including the Best Restaurant Dessert Contest in Mexico, which convened some of the best pastry chefs in the world. She has also served as judge at numerous competitions including the Best Mexican Pastry Contest and the Mexican Championship of Artisan Ice Cream.

She is currently creatively developing an ice cream project called Gelatoscopio, in which she intends to create new benchmarks for desserts in Mexico, enhancing the ice cream-making tradition and enriching it with modern techniques. In August 2020, together with her current partner, Xano Saguer, she created Cuino, a multidisciplinary gastronomy spot in which gastronomy, pedagogy and culture coexist.