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CIA at Greystone Facilities

A Learning Environment That's All About Wine

When you study wine at the CIA, there's no question that you will learn in state-of-the-art facilities. But what makes a Greystone wine education truly stimulating is all that lies beyond our tasting theaters-the vineyards, wineries, and restaurants of one of the world's most celebrated wine regions. The Napa Valley's inspiring seasons and innovative spirit can't help but infuse your classes and inform your education. You won't just hear or read about pruning, blending, and harvesting—you'll experience it.

Wine Facilities

Rudd CenterThe Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies
Your on-campus wine education takes place in the extraordinary Rudd Center, a facility whose every detail was designed for the optimal study of wine. Named one of the "5 Best Places to Study Wine" by Food & Wine, the Center has two sensory evaluation classroom theaters with individual light boxes featuring color-correct illumination, as well as an underground temperature- and humidity-controlled wine cellar. Learn more >

Vintners Hall of FameVintners Hall of Fame
Between class sessions, be sure to visit the Vintners Hall of Fame in the Greystone main building. As you walk among the 2,200-gallon redwood wine barrels in the historic Barrel Room, you will learn about each honoree's unique accomplishments and role in making California the legendary wine region it is today. Learn more >

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