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Weekend Wine Explorations

Explore Beverages in the Napa Valley and Hudson Valley

A rich Pinot Noir…an easy-drinking craft beer…whatever you choose, beverages can take a meal from everyday to something truly special. But because the world of wines and beverages is so diverse, questions abound. Red or white? California or New Zealand? Beers can really be paired with food? Gaining an understanding of the basics and the nuances—yes, glassware does make a difference—can elevate your enjoyment of the dining experience.

That's what the experts at the CIA are here for. In a week or just a few hours at our Napa Valley or Hudson Valley campus, we'll introduce you to wines and beverages from around the world and give you the foundation of knowledge to choose the right ones for any occasion.

The CIA + the Napa Valley = Wine Tasting Nirvana
In our CIA Wine Explorations courses in California's Napa Valley, wine tasting forms the foundation of your hands-on learning experience. You'll swirl and sip in the tasting theaters of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies. You'll examine color and clarity at your individual, illuminated wine tasting station, guided each step of the way by a knowledgeable instructor. And you'll taste great wines—including some from the Rudd Center's 4,500-bottle cellar.

Tasting Beverages in the Hudson Valley
Wine & Beverage Explorations at our Hyde Park, NY campus let you explore your passion in the heart of the celebrated Hudson Valley. In these courses, you'll learn the language of wine and beer, practice food and beverage pairings, and begin to develop your palate-all through guided tastings from our expert instructors.

Sample the World of Wine—Classes for Everyone!


New York Classes:

California Classes:

Texas Classes:


Have More Time? Join Us for Our Multi-Day Boot Camps!

Wine Books

Everything you need to boost your wine IQ and get more pleasure out of every bottle you drink.

Exploring WineExploring Wine, 3rd Edition
This lively guide covers everything you ever wanted to know about the history, culture, romance, science, and business of wine.

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