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Career Discovery - The Professional World of Wine

Discover a New Career in Wine

If you love wine and have always wondered what it would be like to have a career in this dynamic field, then you need to come to Career Discovery—The Professional World of Wine. Over the course of four inspiring days, you'll learn to taste wine like the pros, explore vineyards on special insider's tours, and delve into the basics of food and wine pairing. You'll also gain an understanding of proper wine service and etiquette and get a broad sense of the wine business as a whole, from vineyard to table.

Career Discovery is a great way to "test the waters" before embarking on a new wine-related career—or to simply expand your horizons and learn more about wine.

A Course That Changes Lives
What do these five people have in common?

  • A software engineer from Washington, DC
  • An advertising sales manager from Los Angeles
  • An antiques dealer from Connecticut
  • A music industry executive from New York
  • A commercial real estate broker from Denver

After taking Career Discovery—The Professional World of Wine at the CIA at Greystone, they launched exciting new careers:

  • The software engineer started a wine-tasting company.
  • The advertising sales manager became a brand manager for a major Napa Valley wine business.
  • The antiques dealer moved across the country to become the manager of special events and wine education for a prestigious winery.
  • The music industry executive and real estate broker joined forces to start their own wine label, specializing in handcrafted wines made from sustainably grown grapes.

To see a full course description and upcoming class dates, Click Here.

Can Wine Lead to a New Career?

Want to test the waters of a new career? Check out Career Discovery—The Professional World of Wine as seen in Food and Wine magazine.

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Career Discovery Success Stories

Learn how our students are making the most of their CIA education.

Shelbi Elkins
Shelbi Elkins

Annamarie Kostura
Annamarie Kostura

Take the Next Step

If taking Career Discovery confirms your desire for a career in wine, it's time for that all-important next step—earning a CIA credential. And we've got good news! When you subsequently enroll in the Accelerated Wine and Beverage Certificate Program (AWBP), your Career Discovery—The Professional World of Wine tuition will be applied towards your first-semester AWBP tuition.