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Certified Wine Professional

The CIA Certified Wine Professional® Credential

If you're ready to advance your career in wine and food, one of the best ways to do it is by gaining independent validation of your wine expertise. Adding a CIA Certified Wine Professional (CWP) credential to your business card and résumé lets peers and employers know you have that expertise.

CWP Levels

CWP Level 1Level I—Certified Wine Professional (CWP)
The one-day CWP—Foundation Level I certification exam tests competency across a broad range of wine-related topics. Individual wine courses can help you prepare for the exam, but are not required. Learn more >

"I just received my CWP credential and have already landed interviews that I highly doubt would have happened otherwise."

Kerri Martin, CWP
Sausalito, CA

Wine Books

Everything you need to boost your wine IQ and get more pleasure out of every bottle you drink.

Exploring WineExploring Wine, 3rd Edition
This lively guide covers everything you ever wanted to know about the history, culture, romance, science, and business of wine.