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Wine Certification

CIA Wine Certification—Credentials for Success

Whether you're just starting out in wine, looking to advance your wine knowledge, or seeking professional recognition for the expertise you already have, certification from the world's premier culinary—and wine—college will prepare you for success. Raise your understanding of beverages and wine to a higher degree in our 30-week certificate program. Or earn a professional certification that instantly shows the world your wine expertise.

Available Certifications

AWBPAWBP—Accelerated Wine and Beverage Certificate Program
Add a valuable CIA certificate in beverages and wine to your college degree. Ideal for recent graduates, career changers, and career advancers alike, the AWBP prepares you with the skills and knowledge you need for management-level positions in food and beverage operations.

During the AWBP, you will expand your knowledge of wines, spirits, and specialty beverages; front-of-the-house operations; beverage service; food and wine pairing; business management; and leadership—all vital skills for today's successful professional. Learn more >

CWPCWP—Wine Certification for Professionals
Not just for sommeliers, professional wine certification from the CIA is also ideal for any food and beverage professional who wants to gain a credential in wine. So if you are working in—or intend to work in—other segments of the wine business, such as communications, marketing, sales, public relations, or education, consider earning CIA Certified Wine Professional™ status.

A CIA professional wine certification gives you a valuable addition to your career portfolio that's backed by the influential industry reputation of The Culinary Institute of America. Learn more >

Wine Books

Everything you need to boost your wine IQ and get more pleasure out of every bottle you drink.

Exploring WineExploring Wine, 3rd Edition
This lively guide covers everything you ever wanted to know about the history, culture, romance, science, and business of wine.
"Passing the CWP exam has placed the stamp of approval from an accredited college on my wine experience. I have increased confidence in my own abilities and have experienced new reception to my thoughts, ideas, and written words by my employer and customers."

Elaine B. Marshall, CWP,
Director of Wine Development, Signature Wines