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Experience Vibrant Rioja ... Online!

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In this first-of-its-kind Web initiative, Spain's most famous wine region comes directly to you. Experience Rioja as if you were there, as you watch interviews with its leading winemakers and chefs and tour the vineyards, wineries and restaurant kitchens that make this region among the most talked-about in Spain.

Discover a land of breathtaking beauty and cutting-edge architecture, whose people live for wine. America's leading sommeliers and the professional chefs at the Culinary Institute of America weigh in with their guidance on matching Rioja's expressive red and white wines with food. All in all, it's a delightful immersion in the rich history, culture and flavors of this storied wine region.

Narrated by Jonathan Coleman. Jonathan Coleman is a nationally recognized narrator of documentaries and audio books and does voiceovers for many other mediums.  He is a  New York Times bestselling author of narrative nonfiction, and a former producer and correspondent for CBS News.

View the Flash videos below; divided into chapters for your convenience.

Video Chapters

Chapter 1 - Rioja: Land of a Thousand Wines
A region with a centuries-old winemaking history prepares for the future, with big new ideas shaping its architecture, its kitchens and its wine cellars.
Chapter 2 - Rioja: Introducing Adrian Murcia
For one young New York sommelier, taking colleagues to his favorite wine region was a dream come true.
Chapter 3 - The Landscape of Rioja
Location, location, location. Rioja's unique geography yields three distinct viticultural zones.
Chapter 4 - The Climate of Rioja
Thanks to the mountains, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Rioja is a land of microclimates. While one vineyard basks in warmth, another enjoys a blanket of cool, moist Atlantic air.
Chapter 5 - Rioja: Soil Types and Terroir
Rioja's soils are as complex as its climate. Getting the right grape matched to the right soil and site has consumed winemakers here for generations.
Chapter 6 - Rioja's Sub-Regions
Rioja Alavesa, Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja. To appreciate Rioja in all its diversity, a wine lover needs to know the strengths and features of each of these three viticultural zones.
Chapter 7 - Rioja: The Kingdom of Tempranillo
The Tempranillo grape expresses itself to the fullest in only one place on earth.
Chapter 8 - Rioja's Other Grape Varieties
Tempranillo excels in Rioja, but it's not the only red grape to do so. Three other varieties contribute profoundly to the character of Rioja's red blends.
Chapter 9 - The History of Rioja
Although Rioja has a long history of association with Bordeaux, it arguably has more in common with Burgundy.
Chapter 10 - Where Patrimony Meets Passion
Any visitor to Rioja would have to conclude that its vintners are some of the most passionate people in the wine trade.
Chapter 11 - Lopez de Heredia
The most traditional winery in Rioja is now in the hands of two proud young sisters who remain dedicated to the successful ways of their ancestors.
Chapter 12 - Marques de Murrieta
The young staff at Marques de Murieta is keeping this 150-year-old winery in the forefront with contemporary winemaking ideas.
Chapter 13 - Marques de Caceres
A vintner with roots in France and Spain shakes up Rioja in 1970 with his modern views and techniques.
Chapter 14 - The Community of Rioja
The people of Rioja celebrate their wine-centered life with harvest festivals that unite the community.
Chapter 15 - David Moreno
One of the most moving tales in modern-day Rioja is the life story of David Moreno. And to hear him sing the jota is thrilling.
Chapter 16 - The Architecture of Rioja
Some of the world's leading modernist architects have been leaving their stamp on Rioja.
Chapter 17 - Tradition and Modernity
What is old-style Rioja? What is modern Rioja? The old labels may no longer apply.
Chapter 18 - Interpreting the Labels
On every Rioja wine label, there are clues to what's inside.
Chapter 19 - For Rioja's Winemakers, A Changing World
Today's winemakers are merging the proven techniques of the past with the latest in winemaking and vineyard technology.
Chapter 20 - Rioja's Kitchen: Where Tradition Meets Innovation
Spain's nueva cocina, or new-wave cooking, has swept Rioja, but traditional cooking retains a foothold, too.
Chapter 21 - The Gastronomy of Rioja
Good food is a way of life in Rioja…and the wine of choice is almost always local.
Chapter 22 - Wine and Food Pairing
Rioja produces some of the world's most food-friendly wines and, experts say, some of its best values.