The Professional Chef Discovers Soy Sauce

About The Professional Chef Discovery Series: In conjunction with food industry leaders, The Culinary Institute of America presents The Professional Chef Discovery Series: tuition free E-learning courses designed to teach culinary professionals new ideas about ingredients, cooking techniques, and the recipe trends that are shaping the forefront of contemporary cuisine.

The Professional Chef Discovers Beef: Entertaining with Small Plates
American diners love to graze, to have a little of this and that, to order four appetizers and share them six ways. Why choose when you can have some of each?
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Combining cutting edge technology with over 50 years of culinary education, the CIA now offers E-Learning as an extension of its renowned continuing education programs.
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The Professional Chef Discovers Soy Sauce
It's a condiment most of us think we know as well as salt and pepper. But how much do you really know about this ancient Asian flavoring? Learn about how soy sauce is made and how to distinguish the best, how it is used to heighten and boost flavor, and find a variety of new and traditional recipes that us this fantastic ingredient.
The Professional Chef Discovers USA Peanuts and World Flavors
The Culinary Institute of America and the National Peanut Board
invite you to discover the peanut in all of its amazing versatility!
Contemporary Flavors with California Raisins
French Laundry Chef Thomas Keller and CIA Chef Instructors introduce you to some of the world's major cuisines and to the role raisins play in many of their extraordinary dishes. You'll learn how the movement of goods and people slowly alters a cuisine, and you'll take a close look at some contemporary culinary trends.
Beef & The Global Bistro
Find recipes and fresh ideas for preparing beef in the global bistro style. You'll also learn about some new value cuts that make beef an even more profitable menu proposition. And as you watch the professional chefs from The CIA demonstrate techniques on video, you'll gather the skills you need to bring these dishes into your own kitchen.
Almonds, New Directions for American Menus
You'll find recipes, contemporary and classic, that will bring more global flavors into your kitchen. And with the accompanying video demonstrations by the professional chefs of The Culinary Institute of America, you'll master the new techniques to do it.

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