Podcasts: Bread and Baker

Presented by The Culinary Institute of America with The Bread Bakers Guild of America, this Podcast series on traditional French bread baking is based on the techniques of Professor Raymond Calvel of the Ecole Française de Meunerie.




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Podcasts: Bread and Baker

Podcasts: Bread and Baker

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Take advantage of the knowledge of Professor Calvel, a bread baker and educator for more than 60 years and author of several books, including Le Goût du Pain (The Taste of Bread).

Explore the key elements involved in making traditional French bread, study the methods for making the baguette—the most famous French bread, or discover the intricacies of French specialty breads like Pain au levain, Pain de seigle, or Pain de mie.

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Bread and Baker

Introduction to Bread and Baker
Examine the principles and techniques of baking traditional French bread in this three-part series. Professor Raymond Calvel shares his vast knowledge of the science and art of bread making.
run time – 6:41
Ingredients & Mixing Podcast
Good bread requires only four ingredients: flour, water, yeast, and salt. In combination with proper mixing, they are the building blocks of quality French bread.
run time – 11:46
Fermentation Podcast
Proper fermentation is essential to the taste, aroma, and appearance of bread. It is key to producing fine, flavorful French bread.
run time – 5:25
Division, Molding & Baking Podcast
Gentle dividing and molding of the dough, otherwise known as the make-up stage, is crucial to good French bread. Though machine shaping is common, hand-shaping leads to a better quality loaf of bread.
run time – 5:32
Baguettes Podcast
The baguette, the most traditional and well-known French bread, first made an appearance in the 1930s. Its popularity can be mainly attributed to Professor Raymond Calvel.
run time – 16:31
Pan de Campagne Podcast
Pain de Campagne, or country bread, is the sister of the baguette. The dough is baked into a multitude of shapes to reflect different origins and traditions.
run time – 10:20
Pan au Levain Podcast
The distinctive-tasting Pain au Levain requires special care and attention when making. As a sourdough, it is demanding to create, yet very rewarding.
run time – 15:31
Pan de Seigle Podcase
Pan de Seigle, or rye bread, offers a unique flavor and texture. In France, it is often eaten with seafood dishes and shellfish, along with charcuterie items.
run time – 5:46
Pan de Mie Podcast
The tender Pain de Mie, or pan bread, calls for sugar and shortening to give it a soft texture and fine crumb. There are up to five different ways to shape the dough for pan breads.
run time – 8:07


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