Sugar Decoration Techniques with Ewald Notter

Award-winning confectioner Ewald Notter of the International School of Confectionary Arts demonstrates the techniques for creating spectacular three-dimensional sugar works guaranteed to fascinate customers.




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Sugar Decoration Techniques with Eward Notter


Run time: 1+ hours

Product Details


Product Details

The most stunning showpieces and creations start with basic sugar technique. In this first segment of this two-part DVD, Chef Notter teaches you the proper way to:

  • Boil sugar to prepare it for handling.
  • Cast, pull, and pour sugar into a Valentine heart, an Easter display, and a variety of flower displays.

And, in part two, you will:

  • Learn how to blow sugar and add color and embellishments to your sugar pieces.
  • Store and transport finished works.
  • Design and create centerpieces.

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