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Healthy Baking and Desserts - Tasting the Future


For today's baking professionals interested in healthy techniques, it's an all-new, can-do world. At last, the obsession with limiting fat has succumbed to wiser notions, and some formerly taboo ingredients we can now welcome back. The latest nutrition research tells us that "good" fats—like those found in almonds and other nuts and seeds—contribute to good health. So professional bakers and pastry chefs can do their jobs without compromise. Today's healthy baking is not about denial and restriction, but about replacing less healthful ingredients with those that truly promote wellness.

"Healthy Baking with Almonds" explores the bakeshop opportunities with one of America's most popular nuts. Video demos with instructors from the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone illustrate how to use California almonds in every format—from almond oil to almond flour to almond milk—to enhance the nutritional profile of pastries, breads and desserts. Interviews with culinary and nutrition experts will heighten your understanding of what almonds can do and inspire you to create on your own. With the ideas presented here, you can develop more healthful and tantalizing menu items that will keep customers coming back.