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Turn Comfort Food Into Comfort Cuisine. Just Add Fromage!

America's favorite weekday dishes — from pizza to burgers to mac 'n' cheese—get a style boost when prepared with fromage. Like turning beef stew into boeuf bourguignon with an assist from red wine, adding French cheese to homestyle classics is one way to show you're a cook with flair. Suddenly that grilled-cheese sandwich isn't just lunch; it's an experience.

Fortunately for adventuresome cooks, France produces more cheeses than there are days in the year—from fresh to aged; soft to hard; bloomy rinds to washed rinds to triple crèmes to blues. To invigorate your kitchen, take the tour de fromage on the following pages and elevate your French cheese IQ. With the help of recipes and video demos from Culinary Institute of America chef Scott Samuel, you'll also master techniques to enliven the dishes you love and and delight everyone who comes to your table.