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A Celebration of Latin American Cuisines

The Center for Foods of the Americas at the CIA is a multifaceted research center dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of Latin American cuisine.

Latin America is a vast region that spans twenty-one countries and almost the entirety of the western hemisphere. Unfortunately, most people are largely unaware of the breadth, diversity, and healthful qualities of many Latin foods. Educating the public about the cuisines of Latin America lies at the heart of the CFA's work.

Our experts travel throughout Latin America capturing, documenting, and cataloging the ingredients, iconic dishes, regional cuisines, and street foods that define the foodways of Latin America. They also chronicle the evolution and reinterpretation of these traditional foods. Whether it's the artisanal moles of Oaxaca, the flavor profiles of Peruvian ceviches, or the techniques used for making the rich Brazilian seafood stews of Bahia, preserving these traditions is essential as they provide important perspectives on culture and society.

Through education, research, and service we anticipate the fruits of the CFA's research will have a long-lasting effect on the way culinary professionals and the foodservice industry at large understand the diversity of Latin America's regional cuisines.

What's Happening at CIA, San Antonio

¡Arriba el Norte! - Latin Cuisine Summit 2015
On October 2, 2015 The Culinary Institute of America will host its first annual Latin Cuisine Summit presented by the CIA's Center for Foods of the Americas. The theme for the 2015 Summit is ¡Arriba el Norte!, designed for professionals interested in developing and enhancing their knowledge of the trending cuisine of El Norte, the border region of the U.S. and Mexico, where the flavor profiles of these areas meet to form a distinctive cuisine all its own. Learn more >