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Appetites + Innovation Program Summary

Appetites + Innovation: Shaping our Future, National Leadership Collaborative for Retail Foodservice (A+I Collaborative/A+I) is The Culinary Institute of America’s newest industry leadership initiative. A+I is an invitational collaborative of over 40 senior culinary and business leaders in all sectors of retail foodservice. The Collaborative will meet once per year at the CIA’s Napa Valley campus, and will additionally form a series of working groups to advance shared objectives and stay connected throughout the year.

2016 Appetites + Innovation Program Summary

Designed to advance culinary excellence, health and wellness, sustainability, and cultures of innovation in retail foodservice, the first annual convening of this exciting new initiative, which was held January 18-20, 2016 at the Greystone campus, focused on laying the foundation for the year-round work in which the invited members will engage to develop industry solutions. The 2016 inaugural meeting covered the following topics:

  • Disruptions in the marketplace, and how changing consumer demands will impact the retail industry as a whole.
  • The need for internal culture shifts within retail foodservice, at both the individual store and corporate management levels, to foster a more chef-centric culture with a focus on food quality.
  • Culinary approaches to incorporating authentic Mediterranean, Spanish, and Asian flavors into the retail food experience.
  • An overview of current nutrition science, recommendations, and labeling requirements, and how prepared foods at retail can meet guest and market demands for healthy, convenient, and sustainable offerings.
  • The physical environment of prepared foods and dine-in food outlets as a way to engage the guest in an increasingly competitive space of food service and delivery options.

The meeting also drew upon the practical expertise and insights of the retail and corporate members to share industry-wide challenges and best practices through a series of member panels and forums on the above topics.

From this meeting forward, A+I members will stay connected throughout the year through a series of working groups, as they set out to advance shared objectives and accelerate innovation that will benefit the entire sector.



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